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The first and most important step to any residential painting project is the surface preparation. You can’t have a quality interior painting job without it. All of our residential interior painting projects include a thorough process that includes moving furniture covering and protecting windows, removing light fixtures and electrical plate covers. After all the surface preparation, the cleaning, scraping, speckling and sanding of all surfaces is complete we begin the surface prime. We only use finest quality paint(unless asked otherwise) that can endure years of wear and tear. Your project is complete with a professional cleaning of the project site to the condition that will typically exceed the condition prior.

Residential Interior Painting Service Includes

  • Protection of floors, moldings, windows, furniture or any surface that could be damaged.
  • Remove and replace all electrical plate covers, light fixtures, and all other wall or ceiling devices if necessary.
  • Clean all surfaces that will have paint applied
  • Scraping and sanding of surface defects such as cracks or nail holes.
  • Removal of wallpaper and wallpaper adhesive where applicable
  • Prime surfaces before paint application
  • Interior paint application.
  • High quality interior paints.
  • Clean and remove waste from job site.
  • Custom interior painting
  • Wallpaper removal & installation
  • Stains & Varnishing
  • Faux Finishes



Exterior Residential Painting

Exterior painting projects require different preparation techniques depending on the surface. Some exterior painting projects will require more effort to prepare surfaces but with that we also have a standard for all surface preparation and sometimes additional cost will not be needed.

If you are choosing to paint your home because you want to increase your home’s curb appeal or raise your home’s value having BCS Coatings paint the exterior of your home is exactly what you need. We have painted the exterior for hundreds of homes in Detroit Metropolitan area. For a complete list of cities that we have worked in, see below. Also if you want referrals and/or to see our work that isn’t currently available on our website just give us a buzz (586-256-0275) and we will gladly share with you.

When we paint the exterior of your home, not only will your home be beautified, but it will also have a new protective coating that will help protect your home and your investment. It doesn’t matter if your home’s exterior is aluminum siding, vinyl siding, wood trim, wood siding, stucco or cedar we have experience working with it.

After we are done painting the exterior we will perform a complete clean-up of your property. We will ensure that no damage has occurred to your landscaping or landscape rather. Wether your project is a mansion, mobile home, historical restoration, shed or barn we have the expertise to get it done on time and on budget.




If you really want to make your neighbors jealous of your home ditch the extra Christmas lights and get yourself epoxy floors in your garage. You will not only enhance the look of your garage with epoxy floors, but you will also improve the durability of your concrete floor. Your garage will have a new long lasting clean floor that any car would look beautiful sitting upon.

Benefits of Epoxy floors

  • Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintainable
  • Epoxy floors are chemical resistant (also salt resistant)
  • Epoxy floors are durable and decorative
  • Epoxy floors increase the value of your home
  • Epoxy floors are perfect fit for garages
  • Epoxy floors in the basement are safer than carpet