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BCS Coatings


Who we are

We were founded in the year 2000 by our president and painting expert Shaun Bolin. Shaun has been painting for over 20 years and with his vast knowledge of all facets of painting applications and materials allows for us to be highly competitive in pricing for all industries. BCS Coatings mission is to complete quality painting and epoxy floor service in a timely manner exceeding customs expectations. We don’t only offer wall painting service but epoxy floor and concrete staining services as well. That is why the word “coatings” is in our name. We are not your typical painting company we offer coating in all three dimensions!

Why Choose BCS Coatings?

Safety is important to every job. It is our high priority to keep everyone safe at all times including your employees and property. We continually audit our safety processes looking for ways to decrease of and/or improve safety overall.

Using environment friendly materials and green application systems is not only better for the planet but it makes sense. Plus, it’s smart. It allows our clients to save money in the long run and be responsible with the environment at the same time. We always strive to push our clients to be more eco-friendly. We can apply materials that greatly reduce the carbon footprint without sacrificing quality and increasing sustainability.